Learning About Glass Repair And Replacement

  • Reasons Why Your Auto Window Is Letting Moisture Inside

    12 October 2020

    If you have recently noticed that the upholstery in your vehicle is wet, the upholstery is stained or has watermarks, or there is water pooling along the floorboards, then you may have a leaking car window. There are many reasons why this may be occurring. Keep reading to learn some of the possible causes of the leak. Windshield Issues Has your windshield recently been repaired or replaced? If so, the reason that water may be seeping into the vehicle is that the windshield has cracks around it.

  • Are You Adding A Sunroom To Your House?

    10 December 2019

    Even if you have a formal living room and a casual dining room, maybe you have decided that you also want a sunroom as part of your house. This room might serve as a game room or as a reading room. Or, it might just be a place where the sun shines in during pretty days. Wouldn't that be a perfect place to relax or to visit with friends and family members?

  • Tips For Installing A Shower For Aging In Place

    1 October 2019

    Bathroom renovations can be costly. If you are planning on living in your home for years to come, you might want to think about your needs when you get older when you start renovating your bathroom. Then, you can help make sure that your bathroom is usable when your needs might change. A few tips for installing a shower that is right for aging in place are listed here. Ensure There is a Shower on the First Floor

  • Windshield Repair Or Replacement?

    28 August 2019

    When your windshield is damaged by another vehicle on the road, you may initially be alarmed. After all, you suddenly have a chip or crack in your window and you have no idea if it is going to fall apart randomly. Of course, auto glass shops may not decide to replace your entire windshield simply because you have a chip or similar issue. In some cases, the shop may instead choose to repair the auto glass chip or crack.

  • Keep Your Auto Glass In Great Shape In Four Steps

    27 June 2019

    You rely on your car to transport you everyday. The best way to protect this investment is to take excellent care of your vehicle, including its windows and windshields. Here are four tips to help you maintain your auto glass: 1. Keep your windshield wiper fluid topped off. If you've ever been driving only to get mud or bird droppings on your windshield unexpectedly, then you know how important windshield wiper fluid is.

  • How Your Home Can Benefit from Impact Windows

    29 March 2019

    Did you recently buy a home in an area prone to hurricanes? If your new home's windows do not yet have storm or impact windows installed, you'll want to correct this issue as soon as possible in order to protect your property and your family. That said, impact windows can also bring additional benefits to your house besides just protection from the storm. Here are some additional reasons why you should consider getting impact windows installed today.

  • How Window Film Increases Security For Your Store

    9 January 2019

    When you operate a retail store, you have to find a balance between making your store visible from the outside and protecting your store from vandalism. One solution is to have commercial window film applied to your glass storefront. The film provides a tough layer of protection to the glass that enhances store security. Here's how the film can benefit your store. Commercial Window Film Is Hard To Bust Through