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Are You Adding A Sunroom To Your House?

by Christopher Snyder

Even if you have a formal living room and a casual dining room, maybe you have decided that you also want a sunroom as part of your house. This room might serve as a game room or as a reading room. Or, it might just be a place where the sun shines in during pretty days. Wouldn't that be a perfect place to relax or to visit with friends and family members? 

If you're looking for ideas that will make your sunroom unique and usable, read on for some ideas that might help.

Glass As The Wall Treatment 

Picture a sunroom with only glass as the wall treatment. If that appeals to you, contact a residential glass installation agent who can help you with your window design. 

  • For example, will you have a special glass order for a window seat that will be part of the room design? 
  • Do you want a wooden frame around the large windows, just to add interest to the room?
  • What about specialty glass, like stained glass windows for part of the room? 
  • Do you want tempered glass that will perform well in harsh weather conditions?

The agent from the window installation facility can help you with your window design. He or she will also take perfect measurements so that the glass you order will fit perfectly upon installation.

Cleaning the Glass

While you will more than likely be able to clean the inside of the windows yourself, consider arranging for professionals to clean the outside. A professional window cleaning every three or four months will probably be all you need to plan for.

Maybe the most fun part of adding a sunroom to your house will be getting to choose the decor. If you have decided to have windows as the entire wall treatment, think of having a garden theme for the new room. If you do that, here are some things you can look for.

  • Rattan or wicker furniture
  • Upholstery that features things like birds, flowers, and insects
  • Lots of plants, either faux or real
  • Artwork that depicts nature
  • Additional touches like decorative birdhouses in strategic places.

One thing to consider is that, because you have glass walls instead of regular ones, you won't have a place to hang things like paintings and framed photographs. Think of buying beautiful large easels that will display your artwork. Small framed photographs can go on end tables and on your coffee table.