Learning About Glass Repair And Replacement

Windshield Repair Or Replacement?

by Christopher Snyder

When your windshield is damaged by another vehicle on the road, you may initially be alarmed. After all, you suddenly have a chip or crack in your window and you have no idea if it is going to fall apart randomly.

Of course, auto glass shops may not decide to replace your entire windshield simply because you have a chip or similar issue. In some cases, the shop may instead choose to repair the auto glass chip or crack. These guidelines are those used by the professionals when they make the call.

The Chip Is Large

When the chip is larger than the size of a quarter, you may require windshield replacement rather than repair. For smaller chips, the repair company will likely only repair the small patch, which will leave you with a working windshield and fewer fears.

The Crack Is Large

When the crack in your windshield is long, replacement is likely required. You can use a dollar bill to measure the crack. If the crack is longer than the bill, chances are good that the windshield will be replaced.

The Chips and Cracks Are Numerous

When your windshield has several chips or cracks, the professionals may decide a full overhaul is the best choice. A brand-new windshield eliminates those cracks and chips so you can drive safely and without fear your window will crumble once again.

The Chip or Crack Is Positioned Dangerously

The positioning of the chip or crack is also crucial to the decision the repair professionals make. For example, a chip or crack that is right in front of the driver's view may need replacement because the repair could make this part of the window somewhat blurry. In some situations, your auto insurance company may repair the crack or chip first and then see if the repair bothers you. If it does, the technician can then replace the entire window. This technique could save you money.

When you report a crack or chip to your auto insurance company or the windshield repair company, they will ask you questions about the placement and size of the chips and cracks. This information helps the technician learn more about the situation you face and which option is the safest. Regardless of the decision the technician makes, you will be left with a safer vehicle in which you do not have to worry about the window potentially cracking further.