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Reasons Why Your Auto Window Is Letting Moisture Inside

by Christopher Snyder

If you have recently noticed that the upholstery in your vehicle is wet, the upholstery is stained or has watermarks, or there is water pooling along the floorboards, then you may have a leaking car window. There are many reasons why this may be occurring. Keep reading to learn some of the possible causes of the leak.

Windshield Issues

Has your windshield recently been repaired or replaced? If so, the reason that water may be seeping into the vehicle is that the windshield has cracks around it. This can be even more of a problem if it is not sealed tightly, resulting in puddles of water in the dashboard or floorboard.

Warped Weatherstripping

At some point in time, the weatherstripping that is located on the inside of the doors and windows of your vehicle will end up wearing out and become vulnerable to leaks. As you look for where the water is coming from, make sure that you look for any weatherstripping that is showing signs of damage.

Busted Body Seams

If your vehicle has been in an auto accident recently or if it is a used vehicle, then there is a risk that the auto glass seams have been damaged or improperly installed, potentially allowing moisture to seep inside.

Clogged Drain Hose

If your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof, it has a drain hose. Sunroofs are designed to be watertight, but just in case something happens, drain hoses are installed to be a backup. Drain hoses are made to collect water that may enter the sunroof and ensure that it exits through a different area of the car. Should the drain hose become clogged in one way or another, it could result in the water seeping into the vehicle around the sunroof.

Auto Glass Leak Repair

Once the leak has been located and the cause has been determined, you will need to mitigate the damage with a temporary fix until you can get your vehicle into a repair shop. This can be done with a seam sealer or clear packaging tape. Just remember, though, these solutions are only temporary and are not meant to be permanent solutions.

When water is leaking into your vehicle, contact an auto glass repair service in your local area. They can determine where the leak is coming from, figure out what is causing it, and perform the necessary repairs so that your auto glass is watertight again.