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Tips For Installing A Shower For Aging In Place

by Christopher Snyder

Bathroom renovations can be costly. If you are planning on living in your home for years to come, you might want to think about your needs when you get older when you start renovating your bathroom. Then, you can help make sure that your bathroom is usable when your needs might change. A few tips for installing a shower that is right for aging in place are listed here.

Ensure There is a Shower on the First Floor

If you haven't already, consider setting up a master bedroom and bathroom on the first floor of your home. Later on, you might have trouble getting up and down the stairs, and you'll probably appreciate already having a set-up on the first floor of your home.

Choose a Glass Shower Enclosure

Next, consider installing a glass shower enclosure. Glass shower enclosures look great, are timeless and are very easy to clean. Plus, when you're older, it will be easier for a family member or care aide to check on you if you have a glass shower enclosure instead of a shower curtain or an enclosure that cannot be seen through.

Consider Designing a Slightly Bigger Shower

Now is a good time to think about expanding your shower. A slightly bigger shower will provide you with more space now, and it will be easier to move around in when you're older and when you might need someone to help you or when you might need mobility aids.

Install Grab Bars

You can wait until later to install grab bars in your shower if you want, but it's not a bad idea to do it now. If they have a nice finish and are installed correctly, they don't have to be an eyesore. People of all ages can slip in the shower, and a grab bar can help. Plus, you will not have to worry about installing grab bars in the shower later if you go ahead and do it now.

Choose Neutral Colors

You may not want to renovate your bathroom and shower later on, so consider going with neutral colors when installing things like tile inside and around the shower. Then, the colors should look good with any decor scheme that you choose.

Make Sure Flooring Isn't Too Slippery

Be careful about the flooring that you choose for your shower area. Some types of flooring, such as polished tile or natural stone, can be very slippery. This can pose a slipping hazard now and can be even more dangerous as you age in place.