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How Window Film Increases Security For Your Store

by Christopher Snyder

When you operate a retail store, you have to find a balance between making your store visible from the outside and protecting your store from vandalism. One solution is to have commercial window film applied to your glass storefront. The film provides a tough layer of protection to the glass that enhances store security. Here's how the film can benefit your store.

Commercial Window Film Is Hard To Bust Through

You can display your inventory in the window and have fewer concerns with quick smash and grab vandalism. Window film is tough so it is hard to puncture and it adheres to the glass so the glass is held in its frame. An intruder can throw a brick against the glass or strike it with a crowbar and the window won't shatter or collapse. The glass might crack, but the film holds it in place so an intruder can't get inside your shop and steal your goods.

Window Film Protects Against Storm Damage

Another way window film adds security to your store is by providing 24-hour protection against storm damage. One danger associated with storms is flying debris from strong winds. Wind can hurl garbage cans, branches, chairs, and other objects against your store and bust out the glass in normal conditions. If you have window film applied, the glass stays in the frame. This keeps wind and rain out of your store that could damage your valuable inventory. It also keeps looters out that could slip in through busted out glass. Since storms can come up suddenly or be worse than you expect, you won't have to worry if you don't have time to board windows or prepare. The glass is always protected when there is window film applied and it works without being visible or obstructing the view.

Window Film Adds Privacy Where You Need It

You may not want people from the street to see inside certain areas of your store, yet you may want natural lighting. For those areas, such as offices and work stations, you may want privacy window film installed that makes it difficult for people to see inside during the day. The windows will have a dark tint, but the employees inside will still have natural light filtering through as well as a view to the outside.

Window Film Protects Against Graffiti

If graffiti is a problem in your neighborhood, then you may want to have anti-graffiti window film applied to your storefront to protect the glass. If the glass is spray painted, the glass is protected, which can save money on repairs. The painted film can be peeled off and new film applied.

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