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Need Storm Protection? These Tips May Help

by Christopher Snyder

If you face severe storm conditions throughout the year, you may want to make your home as storm-proof as you can. Some of the things you might do include repairing or replacing your roof and trimming your trees. However, if you don't protection your windows as well, you can leave your home vulnerable to storm damage. Follow the tips below to make your windows storm-proof today.

Repair Your Window Sills

Your windows consist of several different parts, including window sills. Window sills sit along the bottom edges of your window frames and are designed to keep moisture out of the home. Over time, the wooden material of your window sills can decay and crumble. Rainwater and wind can seep through the damaged sills and cause significant problems in your home.

Check every window sill in your home for wood decay or other signs of water damage. If you find problems with your window sills, repair them immediately. You also want to apply a strong waterproof seal around each sill during the repairs. Sealant can help keep rain and wind out of the house when it storms.

If you find any other serious problems with your windows during your inspection, such as cracked or loose glass, repair those as well.

Install Storm Protection Windows

The glass in your windows is your first defense against bad weather. If the glass is damaged, it may have a difficult time standing up to heavy thunderstorm conditions, particularly wind -- the wind speeds of some storms can be as high as 100 mph. Wind can pick up objects and fling them into your damaged window glass. You can protect your home from dangerous wind by having a professional install storm protection windows in your home. 

Storm window glass is designed to withstand extreme or dangerous weather conditions better than traditional window glass. Storm glass comes in several varieties that may work well for your home, including tempered and polycarbonate, and each type of storm glass has it's own unique benefits. For example, when tempered glass is under stress, it breaks into small pieces instead of large, sharp shards. A window installation contractor can discuss each type of storm window they offer and help you choose a product that will best protect your home.

If you worry about the safety of your home and family during extreme thunderstorm conditions, contact a window glass installation contractor right away.