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Six Things You Can Do to Your Windows to Make Your Home More Secure Against Burglars

by Christopher Snyder

Windows can sometimes be a weak point in a house when it comes to security. If you're concerned about the security of your windows, there are some things you can do to address this weakness and fortify your home.

The following are six ways you can make your home's windows more secure against intruders:

Have locks installed on your home's windows

Window locks are easy to purchase and install, and they're highly effective at deterring thieves. 

You can typically purchase window locks at a hardware store. Alternatively, you can contact a locksmith or window installer to find out which window lock is best for your windows. 

Have bars and pins installed on your windows

Bars and pins installed onto your windows on the inside are often more effective than locks at securing a home's windows.

If you have bars or pins over your windows, it can be almost impossible to open a window from the outside. 

Have window alarms installed

For added security, a window alarm can be set to go off if there is any tampering that is going on with your windows.

Window alarms can be connected to a home automation system that works over the internet so that you can hear your alarm going off on your smartphone even if you're not currently at home.

Choose windows that have either tempered glass or security glass

Even if there are window locks on your windows, a thief could simply break the window glass to access your home.

However, you can make the job of breaking window glass harder by choosing windows that are constructed from tempered or security glass. These two types of glass are harder to break and are more likely to break minimally in such a way that a thief will still have trouble getting in. Talk to a company like Alabama Glass Works Inc that specializes in window installation for more information.

Place security film over your window glass

If you don't want to get completely new windows but still want to improve security, you can try putting security film over your window glass.

Security film can strengthen window glass and make it harder to break by holding the glass in place even after it shatters.

Regularly look over your windows to find any repair needs that could compromise security

Over time, window damage can naturally occur that can compromise your home's security. 

You might not realize that there is already a hole or malfunction in your windows if you're not regularly inspecting them. Get into the habit of looking over your windows now and then to make sure that they're still functioning properly and fully covering your home's window openings.