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3 Steps For Cleaning Your Glass Shower Door With All-Natural Ingredients

by Christopher Snyder

If you have a glass shower door, you probably want to keep it as clean and shiny as possible. However, you may be reluctant to use caustic commercial cleaners, afraid the fumes and chemicals could adversely affect your family's health. If so, use the three steps below to clean your glass shower door using all-natural ingredients.

Step 1:  Rub Limescale And Stains With Lemons

The first step involves using lemons to treat built-up stains and lime. The citric acid in lemons helps break down limescale and bleaches away hard water stains. 

To treat the stains, cut a lemon into four quarters and rub the fruit directly on the glass and trim. Don't wipe it off immediately, but give it time to penetrate the stains.

If you don't have any lemons, you can also use pure bottled lemon juice. Pour the juice directly on a clean rag and saturate the stains with it.

Step 2:  Treat The Seal With Vinegar And Baking Soda

While you are letting the lemon juice work, use the time to treat the seal with a vinegar and baking soda paste. The vinegar helps kill mold and mildew, while the baking soda gives the paste a mild abrasive quality that helps it remove the stains. The soda is gentle enough not to scratch the seal.

To make your paste, mix together equal parts of vinegar and baking soda in a small bowl. For example, if you have a large seal area, you would mix a half of a cup of each. Once you have mixed the paste, rub it with a soft rag directly onto the seal. Let the paste soak in for about 10 to 15 minutes, then go on to the third step.

Step 3:  Wash The Glass, Trim, And Seal With Liquid Castille Soap

The final step is to wash the entire door with liquid castille soap. The soap is all-natural and gentle enough not to scratch or damage the glass, trim, or seal of your shower door.

In a gallon bucket, mix together a tablespoon of the soap with two quarts of water. Then, use a sponge to wipe down the door.

Rinse away the soap, along with the lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda paste. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe the door dry and make it shine.

Regularly using the three-step cleaning method above should keep your shower door clean. However, if you find some stains are especially stubborn, you may want to contact the manufacturer of your glass shower door to ask for green cleaning product recommendations. Contact a company like Park Glass Inc to learn more.