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Inexpensive Bathroom Modernization Options

by Christopher Snyder

Are you tired of the way that your bathroom looks? Do you long for a bathroom that doesn't look like it's straight from an old television show? Unfortunately, complete bathroom remodeling can be an expensive undertaking. While you may not be able to afford to redo your entire bathroom right now, there are a few inexpensive things you can do to help make it look closer to your dream bathroom. Some things to consider include:

Fresh coat of paint: A new coat of paint or wallpaper can do wonders to update the look and feel of a bathroom. If your bathroom is an outdated color, like sunshine-yellow or avocado green, a new paint job may do most of the trick. Even if your bathroom is already a sparkling white, a different shade or color of paint can bring an updated feeling of freshness or newness to the bathroom. 

Clean grout: While you may still have to contend with tiles that are older than you, a good scrubbing of the grout or, at worst, regrouting the tile can at least make them seem less antiquated. Check your local hardware store for grout cleaners and tips for getting the grout sparkling again.

New shower doors: As with clothing, housing styles change approximately once or twice a decade. While certain toilet or sink styles remain mostly unchanged, many modern shower doors can look completely different than they did a few decades ago. When you enter your bathroom and look at your shower doors, you may be instantly reminded of the '70s or '80s, even if everything else seems up to date. Fortunately, purchasing new shower doors can be relatively inexpensive when you compare the price to changing up your entire bathroom. Once you have the modern doors installed in your shower, you may actually find that your bathroom is no longer in dire need of a remodel after all. Talk to a company like Master Glass & Mirror LLC about modern shower door options.

Modern shelving: A few decades ago, ornate shelves with brackets were all the rage. If this describes your bathroom shelving units, it's time to tear them down and put up more up-to-date ones. Floating shelves are a good choice, and they can be quite sturdy despite appearances. However, you may also want to install shelves with some minimal brackets if you're planning on them holding heavy bath towels and other larger items. The employees at your local hardware store should be able to help you find appropriate shelves that will match your new shower doors and your new color scheme.