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Built-In Blinds: What Homeowners Should Know

by Christopher Snyder

When it comes to improving your outdoor space, one area you may want to consider changing up is your patio door. If you currently have unattractive window coverings on the doors, why not consider installing a new door with a built in blind? This type of door is not only very attractive, but also convenient. The following are some things to consider when you are thinking about getting doors with built in blinds:

How Built-In Blinds Work

A patio door with built-in blinds has two panes of glass. The blinds are situated between the two panes and sit horizontally when open. They sit vertically when closed. These doors are easy to operate and are very user friendly.

Pros of Built-In Blinds

These patio doors have a very streamlined look and function. There will be no tattered blinds to deal with, and you will not have an issue with wind blowing your window treatments around when you open the door. You will also experience less damage from constant handling, especially if you have children. They also offer more privacy than standard blinds and curtains. They are also easy to clean. In fact, you do not have to ever clean the blinds themselves since they are encased in glass. Simply wipe down the glass with window cleaner and go about your day.

Drawbacks of Built-In Blinds

While there are a great many benefits of this type of window blind, there can be some problems with them. These doors are not typically the most energy efficient. There is air between the panes, unlike double-paned windows. Double-paned windows have gas filled between the glass, making them better for your energy consumption. Air can also move more freely with patio doors with built in blinds, meaning more air can get into your home. Also, if a pane becomes cracked, you may notice some condensation in-between the two panes of glass. This can cause a number of problems, such as mold, mildew, dust build up and more. To fix these issues, the entire pane will likely have to be replaced, which can become costly.

If you want to change up your patio door's window treatment, you may want to think about built in blinds. Although they can have some drawbacks, they are a very nice addition to a home. If you are still questioning your options, be sure to discuss your options with a professional window treatment installer or a contractor, like one from First Class Glass, for more information.