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4 Ways To Update Your Old And Boring Bathroom

by Christopher Snyder

If your bathroom is getting old and boring, below are some changes you can make to it. Some of these changes are inexpensive, while others will cost some money, but all of them can bring a boring bathroom back to life again.

Frameless Shower Doors

Start out by installing frameless shower doors in your bathroom. Metal framing is used with traditional shower doors to hold them in. The glass on frameless doors, however, is much more durable, and can be installed with no frames.

One thing to consider if you want frameless shower doors are what you see when you take your old doors off. You will likely see holes and discoloration of the tiles. Once the shower door company removes your shower door, you have to clean the tile, and apply sealant or grout to the holes before the new doors are installed.

Make a Gallery Wall

You likely hang paintings and/or pictures in other parts of your home so why not the bathroom? Select one wall to hang the artwork on, and hang them from floor to ceiling to create a dramatic effect. Do not use frames that are all the same size to make the wall look more interesting.

Change the Mirror

Changing the mirror above your sink can make a big impact on how your bathroom looks. Instead of the plain square or oval mirror, choose something that has more design and appeal. You can find mirrors in an array of styles, such as venetian mirrors, pivot mirrors, ledge mirror, and more. You can also choose frameless mirrors to go with your frameless shower doors. Consider putting a large mirror in the middle with smaller mirrors on each side. Mirrors can also make a small bathroom appear larger.

Paint the Bathroom

Painting a room can make a huge difference in the way it looks. Instead of choosing boring white for your walls, choose to go with color. If you have a large bathroom, you can choose just about anything you want. If you have a smaller bathroom, however, do not choose dark colors as it will make your bathroom appear smaller. Instead, choose lighter colors, such as light blue, yellow, green, etc.

Besides making these changes, consider adding some finishing touches. For example, purchase new hardware for the bathroom sink and shower, add a nice rug, set a vase of fresh flowers on the sink, put up some new curtains, and purchase new and stylish soap dispensers. Talk to places like Allstate Glass for more information.