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Are You Designing An Enclosed Patio With A Botanical Theme?

by Christopher Snyder

If you have decided that you would use your patio more by enclosing it, you've probably made a really wise decision. While you've more than likely used it a lot during the warm months, your patio might have been unused during the cold winter months. Now that you are enclosing it, the patio will be available to you all year long. Think of the relaxing you can do there, and think of the entertainment you can do on your enclosed patio. If you've decided to design your enclosed patio with a botanical theme, that means that you are visually bringing the outdoors right into your home. Here are some ideas that might help you to create something attractive and unique:

A Glass Enclosure -

Think of selecting glass for your patio enclosure. By doing so, you'll be able to see your beautiful garden and you might even feel like you are in an outdoor setting. 

  • Glass enclosures are very affordable.
  • They're quick to install.
  • The glass is created to withstand things like heavy wind and rain.

The Furniture - 

Think of choosing wicker furniture so that you can keep an outdoorsy feeling in your patio enclosures. Of, if you select traditional furniture with fabric upholstery, still keep the outdoors in mind.

  • Choose things like ferns, flowers, and butterflies for the upholstery fabric.
  • Think of using solid fabric that features colors from nature, like yellow, green and blue.
  • Choose botanical-themed throw pillows to accent solid fabric.

The Decor -

Think of a summer day and decorate with the things you have imagined. However, remember that you can use artist's license and tweak nature a bit.

  • For example, display real or artificial flowers in large bird cages.
  • Bring the sound of water into your enclosed patio.
  • One way you can do that is by installing a water fountain in the room.

When you are buying decorative pieces for your room, don't forget to shop at nurseries. There you will more than likely find things like colorful pots, statuary that you can use inside, and even a bench swing or a hammock that you can hang from the ceiling. Plan on displaying lots of real plants in the room, too. For example, hang ferns and colorful flowering plants that do well in an inside setting. Also, think about shopping at resale shops where you might find one-of-a-kind decorative pieces and even antiques with a botanical theme.