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4 Tips For Repairing A Crack In Your Home's Storm Door

by Christopher Snyder

After a strong storm with high winds came through your area, your storm door may have been cracked when it became unlatched and blew open. If so, use the following four tips to temporarily fix the crack to keep the damage from spreading.

Avoid Removing The Glass From The Door

When you go to repair the door, you may be tempted to remove the door or the glass pane, thinking it will make the process easier. However, you should avoid doing this, as it could cause more damage to the glass.

Whenever you remove the door or pane of glass, any movement causes vibrations throughout the glass. Since the glass is already compromised because of the crack, these vibrations could break the glass further or make it shatter.

Instead of removing the door or glass, you should work on the door while it is still attached to your house after stabilizing the glass pane, as discussed in the next section.

Stabilize The Glass Pane With Tape Or Caulk

Before you try to repair the crack, you will need to stabilize the glass pane. Doing so keeps it in place while you are working on the glass. It also minimizes any impact, whether small or large, that could vibrate the glass and cause the crack to grow.

You can achieve this using one of two methods. The first method involves placing tape around the outer edge of the glass to secure it to the door temporarily. If you choose this method, tape both sides for added security. However, this could leave a sticky residue on the glass and door frame that is difficult to remove.

The second method uses caulk as a way to stabilize the glass. In the small gap around the glass, insert a thin line of caulk on both sides of the door. After the caulk sets up, it serves as a less noticeable and more permanent solution for keeping the glass in place.

Fill In The Crack With Clear Epoxy Glue

Once you are sure the glass will not budge while trying to repair it, you can go to work on filling the crack. Clear epoxy glue serves as a strong filler that is nearly invisible. While you may still see the crack, the glue will not darken and bring even more attention to it.

When choosing the glue's container, select one with a tiny applicator tip. This will allow you to easily fill the hole without having to worry with brushes or other applicators. You simply need to open the container and fill in the glass. Once it sets up, the glue should bond with the glass and keep the crack from becoming larger.

Loosen The Settings On The Door's Retractor

After filling in the crack, there is one more thing you should do to keep it from breaking further. Open the door, then let it go to see how hard it shuts. Keep your hand near the handle in case it tries to slam so you can catch it before it reaches the door frame.

If the door does slam shut, you should adjust the storm door's retractor so that it shuts gently. If you do not loosen the retractor, all it could take is one slam, and the door's glass could shatter.

Using the tips above can help you keep the crack in your door from becoming bigger. However, these only serve as a temporary solution. To have the glass door permanently repaired or replaced, contact a glass door repair service to schedule a time for them to come look at your door and discuss any options available to you.