Learning About Glass Repair And Replacement

Repair Or Replace: How You Treat Cracked Glass Depends On The Severity And What The Glass Is Used For

by Christopher Snyder

Glass is used in many applications. From car windshields to electronic devices, glass is a solid, protective surface, at least until it gets cracked. While a small crack can sometimes be ignored, knowing when to repair or replace glass that has a crack in it is important. If it's your car windshield, the severity of the crack matters. If it's an electronic device, you'll probably want to get cracks replaced right away. If it's your favorite wineglass, you can try a repair but you may have to let it go. Glass is a strong material, but it becomes weakened when it has a crack in it.

Cracked Glass On Electronic Devices

When you crack the glass on your smartphone, you can get the glass surface replaced pretty easily. If you have to wait a bit, it's probably possible to still use your cell phone. If the glass has shattered, your phone probably won't work. If there's just a small crack, you can use it for awhile but avoid sliding your fingers over any cracked area. In general, it is best to have the cracked glass on your electronic devices replaced to avoid getting a cut and to ensure your device continues to work effectively.

If Your Windshield Chips or Cracks

Cracks in your windshield that are longer than an inch will probably continue to spread along your windshield over time. If the crack is at eye level, you'll need to get the crack repaired right away. It's up to the glass repair shop whether to replace or repair your windshield, so talk with the technician to see how your windshield should be fixed. When there's a crack that has begun to spread out in more than one direction, you need a new windshield immediately. This type of crack can cause the windshield to shatter if you get into an accident while driving.

When a Favorite Wine Glass Cracks

If you love that wine set you got for your wedding day, you can try to repair it using a food safe adhesive. If this doesn't work, you will probably need to throw away the item for safety purposes. Glassware is hard to repair when you don't want the repair to be noticeable.

If you have a crack in glass and you aren't sure what to do, ask a professional like Griggs & Son Glass & Mirror. Whether it means repairing the glass or replacing it will be up to the person who is assessing your problem.