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How To Pick The Right Shower Enclosure For A Family

by Christopher Snyder

Remodeling your bathroom so that it will work well with your family as it grows requires careful attention to detail. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the shower enclosure. Whether you are installing a simple shower unit or a shower and tub combo, the following tips can help you make the right choice.

Tip #1: Plan for privacy

Providing privacy while still ensuring safety is of paramount importance if you will have children using the shower. In this case, consider getting a frosted door enclosure as opposed to clear glass. This will allow you to check in on any children using the shower without compromising their privacy. As an added benefit, you will still be allowed a modicum of privacy when a child bursts in on you while you are in the shower.

Tip #2: Consider cleanup

Kids can be messy, which means you will want to avoid the buildup of soap scum and dirt as much as possible so the shower is easy to clean. A frameless unit may be the best choice, in this instance, since there won't be extra edges where dirt and scum can collect. If you are worried about splashing, which can lead to leakage, choose a frameless model with a removable gasket that helps contain leaks.

Tip #3: Add plenty of storage

There are a lot of extra bath items that accompany kids, whether you are sharing a shower with a younger tyke or with a teen. Make sure there are plenty of places to store shampoos, loofahs, and rubber duckies. A preformed enclosure that has plenty of built-in storage shelves and racks means there will be room for everyone to tuck away their toiletries of choice.

Tip #4: Don't forget safety

Slips and falls can be a common occurrence, especially for younger kids that may goof off when in the shower. Make sure the enclosure has a built-in grab bar to make it easier for little legs to climb in and out of the enclosure. You may also want an included bench, either preformed or drop down, for your child to use so they aren't trying to balance on one leg while they wash the other. A bench can also be handy if you sometimes share the shower with a toddler to make bathing them easier.

For more information, contact local professionals like Ridge Glass & Mirror to get the enclosure that fits your needs.