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4 Technical Tips for Installing a Glass Shower Door in Your Bathroom

by Christopher Snyder

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom on your own and want to install a glass shower door, here are a few technical tips that will help you successfully install a glass shower door and shower in your bathroom.

#1: Plan on Using Precise Angles

As you work on figuring out the size of your glass shower door, you are going to need to make sure that you plan on building your shower using precise angles, as you will be working with glass. Shower hardware is designed to work at specific angles, so in order to get the right hardware to support your new shower, you are going to need to make sure that all walls of your shower are made at 90- or 180-degree angles. These are the angles that most hardware is designed to support. 

#2: Check the Stud Support

You need to make sure that the walls where you want to install your glass shower door are able to support the weight of your shower door. Ideally, the wall should have support studs behind it that are made out of wood. You don't want to attach a shower door where you don't have stud support. If you don't have stud support, you may want to rebuild the walls around your shower so that it can support the weight of the shower doors. 

#3: Don't Put Hinges on Glass Tiles

When planning where to put the glass doors and the hinges, you should make sure that you don't plan on mounting them onto glass tiles. Glass tiles are not strong enough to support the hinges for your glass shower door. If the glass tiles chip or break, this could cause the mounting to become loose and could cause your doors to come off. You should put any mounting hardware for your glass doors directly onto the studs in your walls, not through any glass tiles. 

#4: Straight Wall

You need to make sure that the walls of the shower are perfectly vertical on the side where the plumbing is going to be installed. The walls need to be vertical to protect the plumbing. If the walls are not perfectly vertical, then their is a great chance that your plumbing could leak in the future and cause you water and mold issues that you don't want to deal with. Make sure that the plumbing wall is perfectly vertical, and if it is not, make any necessary adjustments so that it is.

If you take into consideration all of the four technical tips above when installing a new glass shower in your bathroom, you should be able to avoid some of the issues that do-it-yourself professionals encounter when installing glass shower doors.