Learning About Glass Repair And Replacement

Customizing Your Shower Door May Be Easier Than You Think

by Christopher Snyder

If you want to make your bathroom truly unique, consider customizing the glass shower door. Many people do not realize that you can paint the door to give it some character without causing any damage to it. The following guide walks you through how to paint your shower door to give it a customized look.

Clean the Glass

Use a window cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean the glass. Microfiber cloths are lint free, so you do not have to worry about any lint being left on the glass when you are done cleaning it.

Choose an Outline

The easiest way to customize your shower door is to use the initial of your last name. Use your computer to pick a font that you like. Blow up the image so that it is large enough to fit onto your door and be very visible. Print the image out on regular printer paper.

Hang the Outline

Open the door to the shower and use a measuring tape to measure from one side of the door to the other side of the door. Determine where the center of the door is located and make a mark on the glass with a washable marker. Place the initial you printed off on the inner side of the shower door with its center lined up with the mark that you made. Be sure that the printed side of the paper is pressed against the glass and use painter's tape to hold it into place.

Outline the Initial

Use acrylic paint and a small paintbrush to outline the initial. Be sure to make the outer edge as crisp and sharp as you can so that you have a professional look when you are done.

Paint the Interior

Use the paintbrush and an acrylic paint to paint the interior of the initial. You can choose to paint the interior the same color as the paint you used to outline the initial or you can choose a different color, if you want to make the initial even bolder. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours and then apply a second coat of paint.

If you move or decide that you no longer like the initial on your door, take a small razor blade and place it under the edge of a small section of the paint. The paint will lift from the glass and you can then peel it off with your hand to restore the glass to its original look.